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Woven Bowl Woven Bowl

Woven Bowl

  • H98353

Product Size:
L:29 H8CM
M:26 H8CM
S:23.5 H8CM
Product Description

Versatile and Functional: The H98353 Round PE Tray is a multi-purpose woven bowl that serves as a perfect storage solution for various items. Its versatile design makes it suitable for use as a candy bowl, sewing basket, or decorative piece. 

Exquisite Craftsmanship: This woven bowl is meticulously handcrafted from high-quality banana leaf, showcasing the artistry and skill of skilled artisans. The natural woven texture adds a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Durable Construction: Made from durable plastic wicker, this woven bowl offers long-lasting use. It can withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring it remains a reliable storage option for your belongings.

Practical and Stylish: Whether you need a practical storage solution or a decorative piece to enhance your home decor, this woven bowl is the perfect choice. Its stylish design effortlessly blends with various interior styles, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Ideal for Display: This woven bowl is designed to be visually appealing, making it ideal for showcasing items. Whether you want to display small trinkets, potpourri, or decorative balls, this bowl provides a stunning backdrop.

Gift-Worthy Packaging: If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, this woven bowl is an excellent choice. It comes with attractive gift packaging, making it ready for presentation on special occasions.

Wholesale Option: Whether you're a retailer or event planner, our wholesale option allows you to purchase this woven bowl in bulk. Enhance your decor inventory or prepare for an upcoming event with these beautiful and functional bowls.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning this woven bowl is a breeze. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth or rinse it under running water. Its plastic wicker material resists stains and is easy to maintain, ensuring it stays in pristine condition.

Enhance Your Space: Add a touch of natural elegance to your home, office, or event decor with this exquisite woven bowl. Its timeless appeal and practical functionality make it a must-have item.

Buy the HNL Round PE Tray woven bowl and elevate your storage and decor game. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this versatile bowl offers a stylish and functional solution. Wholesale options are available for those looking to stock up on this beautiful woven bowl.

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