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Place Mat

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Capture the Attention of Wholesalers with Our Stylish Woven Place Mats

- Transform any dining experience into a fabulous feast with the right table set. 

- Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our place mats serve as a rustic-chic foundation for your next table scape.

- Made from 100% water hyacinth, each rectangular place mat exudes natural beauty and charm.

- The thick weave of our place mats adds a delightful touch of texture, creating an inviting tabletop setting.

- With their natural finish, our place mats infuse warmth and character into your ensemble, elevating the overall ambiance.

- Dry cleaning is recommended for maintenance, ensuring the longevity of these woven beauties.

- Each place mat is authentically crafted from natural water hyacinth fiber, exemplifying quality and sustainability.

- For a subtle touch of shimmer and glimmer, our stylish handmade rustic rattan place mats are woven with metallic thread.

- Customizable materials are available, including paper rope, water hyacinth, and sea grass.

- Wholesalers can contact us to receive an attractive wholesale price list for our captivating place mats.

Attract the attention of wholesalers and impress customers with our stylish woven place mats. The combination of natural materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and customizable options makes our place mats a standout choice for retailers. Create a captivating tabletop display and elevate dining experiences with our stunning collection of place mats.

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