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How to Hang Wicker Baskets for Storage on the Wall?

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How to Hang Wicker Baskets for Storage on the Wall?

Baskets made of wicker are not only wonderful ornamental pieces, but they also have the potential to be incredibly practical in a range of different settings. Imagine yourself in a situation where you have access to additional storage space that is designed to blend in perfectly with the interior style of your home. Wicker baskets that are installed on the wall not only offer a practical and visually beautiful solution to the problem of clutter, but they also lend an air of rustic elegance to any area in which they are placed. The purpose of this article is to walk you through the process of hanging wicker baskets on your walls so that you may have storage that is not only practical but also aesthetically beautiful.

Advantages of Wicker Baskets Mounted on the Wall

Before we get into the how-to, let's have a look at the reasons why wall-mounted wicker baskets are such an excellent option for storage. First things first: before we get into the how-to, allow me to explain why. It is impossible to find a better balance between the looks and functionality of these baskets. In addition to providing a sense of nature indoors, they also result in the creation of an atmosphere that is cozy and appealing. In addition to their appealing appearance, wicker baskets are lightweight and easy to use, which makes them a perfect choice for storing a range of items while maintaining the appearance of an organized environment. Wicker baskets are also an attractive option.

Finding the Right Wicker Baskets for Your Needs

The selection of suitable wicker baskets is the first stage in the process of constructing a wall storage display that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also completely practical. Be sure to take into consideration the dimensions, the shape, and the material that will fulfill your storage needs while also complementing the elegance of your space. Wicker baskets are available in a broad variety of sizes and patterns like oval baskets and rectangular baskets, which enables them to cater to all of your unique preferences. This is true regardless of whether you want to produce a uniform appearance or a combination of distinct textures.

Panier Ovale

Instructions for Hanging Wicker Baskets on the Wall

1.Determine an Appropriate Meeting Place: Determine which spots you want to hang the wicker baskets, and then mark those areas. Take into account areas where a decorative touch and more storage could improve them.

2.Measure and mark: Use a measuring tape to determine the desired height and spacing for each basket. A light pencil mark should be used to mark the places.

3.Prepare the wall: If you are going to use hooks, make sure to install them in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. When it comes to brackets, make sure to screw them into the designated locations.

4.Hang the Baskets: Using the hooks or brackets, carefully hang the wicker baskets in the desired position. Take a look at them with a level to make sure they are straight.

5.Secure the Baskets: Once hung, make sure the baskets are securely in place. In order to avoid any mishaps, you should check the hooks or brackets twice.

6.Arrange creatively: Have fun arranging the baskets in a way that produces an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Construct a show that is captivating by combining different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Innovative Arrangements

In terms of the arrangement of your wicker baskets that are hanging on the wall, you can feel free to let your imagination run wild. You may choose to combine baskets of varying sizes for a more eclectic look, or you could go for a symmetrical arrangement with baskets of the same size. Both of these options are available to you. You may experiment with other orientations, such as horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal, in order to create a dynamic arrangement that is suitable for your space. This would allow you to construct an arrangement that matches your needs.

Making the Most of Space

Wicker baskets that are installed on the wall have the potential to turn unused wall space into storage areas that are convenient to use. Fresh vegetables or cooking utensils can be stored in them when they are used in the kitchen. The best place to store towels and other amenities in the bathroom is with one of these. You can use them in the living room to organize magazines and remote controls, or you can use them in the doorway to organize keys and mail.

Handmade Rectangular Bin

Regular Maintenance and Attention

Despite the fact that wicker baskets are long-lasting, they can be kept at their best with a little bit of maintenance.


To prevent dirt from accumulating on the baskets, dust them on a regular basis with a gentle brush or a towel.


Use a moist cloth and a gentle soap to achieve a more thorough cleaning. It is important to avoid excessive dampness because it has the potential to compromise the wicker's integrity.

Final Thoughts

You may solve your storage issues with wicker baskets that are placed on the wall. These baskets are not only aesthetically beautiful but also helpful in saving space. By picking baskets with care, sticking to our step-by-step guide, and arranging them in a creative manner, you will be able to build a storage solution that is not only practical but also aesthetically stunning. While concurrently enhancing the organization of your living space, you may take advantage of the natural beauty that wicker possesses.


1.Can I hang wicker baskets on any type of wall?

There are several different types of walls that can be used to hang wicker baskets, including plaster and drywall. Ensure that you use hardware that is suitable for the particular wall material you are working with.

2.How much weight can wicker baskets put on walls hold?

The maximum weight may vary depending on whether you are using hooks or brackets. To ensure that the weight distribution is safe, check the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

3.Can wicker baskets be painted to complement my interior design?

Wicker baskets can be painted, provided that the necessary preparations are made. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the paint may alter the texture.

4.Can I hang wicker baskets outdoors for storage?

Wicker baskets can be used outside, but due to the fact that they are exposed to the weather during the day, they are more suitable for use inside.

5.How do I keep wicker baskets from sagging with weight?

Choose baskets that have a build that is durable. Retaining the baskets with additional hooks or brackets is necessary in the event that they begin to sag.

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