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Woven Plastic Bin Woven Plastic Bin

Woven Plastic Bin

  • H98511

Product Size:
DIAM:18.5 B:15 H:16CM
Product Description

As a leading supplier of household and organization solutions, we proudly present our range of woven plastic bins. Designed to enhance your living space while providing practical storage solutions, these bins are available in various shapes to suit your needs. With options including round, oval, rectangular, and square, our woven plastic bins can be seamlessly integrated into any room, especially those with a Nordic decoration style.

Key Features:

1. Customizable Shapes: Our woven plastic bins offer the flexibility of customizable shapes. Choose from round, oval, rectangular, or square designs to perfectly fit your space and storage requirements. This allows you to create a cohesive and organized environment while adding a touch of style.

2. Round Woven Plastic Bin: Embrace the gentle curves and organic aesthetics of our round woven plastic bin. It effortlessly complements Nordic decor, providing a visually pleasing storage solution for items such as blankets, toys, or accessories.

3. Oval Woven Plastic Bin: The elegant and elongated shape of our oval woven plastic bin offers a unique storage option. It can easily fit under tables, in closets, or as a stylish laundry hamper, keeping your space tidy and maintaining a cohesive Nordic-inspired atmosphere.

4. Rectangular Woven Plastic Bin: Perfect for maximizing space and efficiency, our rectangular woven plastic bin is an excellent choice for organizing shelves, cabinets, or pantry areas. Its clean lines and versatile design make it a versatile addition to your Nordic-themed decor.

5. Square Woven Plastic Bin: For a balanced and symmetrical storage solution, our square woven plastic bin is the ideal choice. Its geometric shape and white-washed color blend harmoniously with Nordic styles, providing functional storage for various items.

6. Nordic-Inspired Decor: Our woven plastic bins are designed to suit the Nordic decoration style with their white-washed color and natural aesthetics. They seamlessly integrate into spaces with light tones and minimalist designs, adding a touch of warmth and organization.

7. Buy in Bunch at HNL.Ltd: To fulfill your storage needs, we offer the convenience of purchasing our woven plastic bins in bunches. Whether you require a single shape or a mix of round, oval, rectangular, and square bins, HNL.Ltd provides a reliable source for all your organizational requirements.

Elevate your organization game with our customizable woven plastic bins. Embrace Nordic decor with their white-washed color and varied shapes. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality by purchasing our woven plastic bins in bunches at HNL.Ltd.

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