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Ten Display Ideas for Your Woven and Wicker Basket Storage

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Ten Display Ideas for Your Woven and Wicker Basket Storage

Woven and wicker baskets make ideal storage. They are useful for organising your belongings from smallest to largest and are easy to move around the house as needed. Not to mention, they look fantastic regardless of their size and form, effortlessly bringing some personality into your room!

I adore wicker woven baskets, and you can find them almost anywhere in the house. I mean, why not? I enjoy flaunting them. I've enumerated some of my favourite methods for organising my basket storage here. I hope this serves as some encouragement for you to begin yours as well!

1. The Entry Table's Storage

I keep little woven baskets on my entry table for last-minute essentials like hand sanitizer, car keys, and masks (gentle reminder: wear your mask!). It not only helps me remember some of the things I need to bring, but it also looks great as a welcome mat at home!

Use any little wicker baskets you may have to store pens and remote controls, among other easily misplaced objects, at home. By giving each thing a specific location, you may avoid having them clutter your environment.

Furthermore, adding woven baskets to your house can continue the décor theme! It is one of those tiny details that adds a stylish touch to your house.

2. Sneakers and Sanitising Supplies

I used to always put my shoes in the special woven basket I had at my doorstep before the pandemic started. I can change into my home slippers there and keep all the mess and grime in one area. In this manner, I can avoid having to clean my floors around the house! That sounds like genius.

I made an additional basket to store my sanitizers, wipes, and other disinfection supplies after the pandemic struck. Even if taking a shower right away after coming indoors is still recommended, it's always a good idea to disinfect and remove as much of the virus as possible before entering the house.

3. Toy Holder

It's never easy to get my nieces and nephews to clean up after themselves when they play when they visit our place! They frequently leave behind tiny bits, like Legos, that you could trip over unintentionally! The best thing about baskets is that you can tuck these toys away with ease to keep your area clutter-free.

It's best to have a lidless basket for toddlers because it simply takes a minute to put their toys away. To ensure that all the clutter is covered and picked up, use a wicker basket with a top for older children.

A pro tip: your pets will benefit from this as well! In a wicker basket, I put Alfie's favourite toys, grooming supplies, and some goodies in a cosy area in my living room!

4. Storage for Home Offices

If you work from home like I do, you are aware of how difficult it can be to maintain organised paperwork. Fortunately, I find that woven baskets are a terrific way to quickly and easily clean and organise my paperwork.

I store my clean papers, used papers that I can recycle, and crucial documents that I need to look over in separate baskets. Of course, if you need to store more papers and records, you may add extra baskets.

The best part is that they go really well with the other decor I have at home! There's no need for me to hide them in the cabinets because they serve as accent pieces as well.

5. Cleaning Supplies and Toiletries

It is common knowledge that purchasing in bulk can result in cost savings, but where can you store all the goods you haven't used yet?

Utilise baskets if your bathroom cabinet is cramped. You can store large shampoos, shower gels, moisturisers, and lotions in your closet, depending on their size. I just wrap my towels in baskets to keep them from gathering dust, aside from my amenities.

I keep bath bombs, rose petals, and bath salts next to the tub. I like to keep candles burning, some wine, and some smells around while I unwind and binge-watch my favourite Netflix shows. This is just a personal preference.

6. Clothes Hamper

It's not necessary for your laundry basket to look bad just because you store your dirty stuff in it! When your filthy laundry is visible among your other home décor, a sturdy woven basket is a terrific way to keep it hidden.

Make sure the laundry basket you choose fits the needs of your home. If your laundry basket is too small, you can be forced to wash laundry at haphazard and unplanned times. However, if your laundry basket is excessively large, you could be tempted to put it off until it becomes an impossible chore to do.

I first struggled with it as well because I believed that a larger wash basket was preferable. I discovered this the hard way! To ensure you don't make the same error I did, be sure to remember my advice.

7. Potted Plants Indoors

Put your indoor plants in woven baskets for the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement possible! I find that keeping the nursery pots hidden works really well. In addition, it gives the house a warm feel that makes it feel more breathable and cosy with all the greenery all around!

Additionally, to add height and make your plants stand out more, combine them with a wooden plant stand! Check out our handmade, simple baskets made entirely of recycled cotton rope. One more fantastic feature I adore about these cotton baskets is their foldable design, which allows you to store them when not in use and prevents visual clutter.

8. Pantry Empties

Utilising baskets is one of the finest ways to arrange your pantry storage! As a pro tip, before putting each basket away, make sure to identify it. I've developed the bad habit of taking out each basket to see where I put the flour!

Look for baskets with handles or transform your existing baskets into something more useful for storing pantry baskets. You can easily find anything you're seeking thanks to this. These baskets are not only great for holding your delicacies but also your culinary supplies and tools.

9. Storage in Closets

Where do you store your purses, hats, socks, and knickers? Put your tiny clothes and accessories in wicker and woven baskets to keep your closet organised and visually appealing. Put labels on them so it will be simpler to tell which basket belongs to which. Consider colour-coding them if you're feeling really imaginative, as I am!

Store your blankets, comforters, and sheets in larger baskets if you happen to buy any! Additionally, you can store some seasonal items in your closet until you need them again, such as padded coats and swimwear.

10. All-purpose Storage for Baskets

Random objects are inevitable! You can't stop things from piling up in your area, like the placemats you only use for meals or the earbuds you use for business. Storing this clutter in all-around basket storage is an easy way to conceal it.

Since your bedside table is the area of your house that is easiest to access, you can put it next to or underneath it. It's always up to you, though, whether you put one under the counter or the side table. You're all set, as long as you remember to sort these things out later to avoid cluttering your area!

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