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The Best Woven Baskets for Stair Storage

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The Best Woven Baskets for Stair Storage

Baskets are a terrific method to organize and declutter your home by storing a variety of objects neatly and orderly. Finding the appropriate basket for the stairs, though, might be challenging.

Particularly popular to install next to stair features are wicker baskets because of their reputation for being useful, long-lasting, and fashionable. Ideal for people wishing to give their home design a touch of charm.

The best wicker baskets for stairs will be covered in this post, with a focus on selecting the ideal basket for your staircase and home.

Why Wicker Baskets Are the Best Stairway Storage Options?

Because of their rustic charm, usefulness, and adaptability, wicker baskets for stairs are a preferred choice.

You can rely on high-quality wicker baskets to be durable and long-lasting because they are woven from natural materials like rattan, willow, rattan, seagrass, or split bamboo. Additionally, every room will benefit from their distinct textures and varied weave patterns, which instantly provide coziness and warmth.

Wicker baskets are very useful in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, especially in regions with steps. This is particularly true if your house is designed with a staircase near the entrance. This is due to the fact that they are lightweight and frequently used to hold objects like shoes, coats, hats, gloves, or any other little trinkets (such as wallets and keys) that are convenient to store in accessible locations.

A wicker basket for the stairs has the added advantage of being simple to keep and clean, making it a great choice for high-traffic locations. They also have the evident advantage of being constructed from natural materials, which makes them the option that is most sustainable and good for the environment.

A wicker basket will undoubtedly fit your decor and storage requirements, whether you live in a Victorian, Edwardian, or modern home. Finding the ideal wicker basket to complement your decor is all that is necessary; we'll go into more detail on this later.

Utilize Wicker Baskets According to Your Staircase

After discussing the general benefits of using wicker baskets, we'll go into more depth about how to pick the ones that best suit your staircase.

1.Straight staircases

The most typical kind of staircase we encounter in the UK is the straight staircase, which may be characterized as one that never changes direction. They feature a straightforward, uncluttered appearance that makes them simple to style around.

Normally, the space beneath a straight staircase will be between 2.5 and 3 feet deep and about 8 feet high. Obviously, this might vary greatly depending on the home, but for the purpose of argument, let's use this as the foundation for a generalization.

Basket with Lid

If nothing else is present in the empty space in this case, we advise choosing a sizable wicker storage basket to fill it. A hamper or a trunk are two examples. Instead of cramming the space with furniture that just doesn't seem to fit, it will transform into a space that has a more useful function. It's also a terrific option if you're attempting to keep a sleek and basic look.

Let's say you do manage to find a fantastic piece of furniture to fit in. In that instance, you could even add a more compact set of wicker baskets to the feature to increase its all-around usefulness while also making it more appealing and fascinating.

2. Spiral and curved staircases

The steps of a spiral staircase are placed in a helical fashion around a central pillar or column. Curved stairs also have a helical construction, similar to spiral stairs, but often have a greater radius and do not make a full circle.

Do not be alarmed if your staircase is curved or spiral. There are many creative ways to use wicker basket arrangements to beautify this space.

Curved stairs are a really distinctive feature, so it only makes sense to choose a striking wicker basket to go with it. Structured shapes like rectangles and squares would be avoided. Instead, stick to the plan! Choose a circular or oval wicker basket. Instead of competing with your staircase's spherical structure, these shapes will enhance it.

The size will largely depend on your particular house. However, because the hollow itself is a beautiful, attention-grabbing feature, you don't want to overpower it with this kind of stairway. Additionally, these stairs' designs frequently result in a more constrained staircase cavity height.

Instead, put functionality first and select smaller, oval-shaped wicker baskets that will properly fit through narrow apertures. In our collection of traditional log baskets, we have wonderful oval wicker baskets.

3.Floating staircases

Floating staircases are very contemporary. They appear unsupported because, unlike traditional-looking stairs, they are connected to a hidden structural underpinning rather than a visible support system.

Therefore, we are unable to offer a size with any degree of accuracy. However, we may suggest a style when selecting the ideal wicker baskets for storage around this feature. Add streamlined, minimalist wicker baskets that fit in with the overall design to a floating staircase to complete the effect.

A modern, sleek wicker basket is a perfect choice for floating staircases since it enhances the minimalist, clean lines of the area. Look for a basket with a straightforward, traditional design and, ideally, a light, untreated surface. This will give the area a little warmth and texture without overpowering it.

Oval Basket

4.Winder staircases

Pie-shaped steps that are broader at one end and narrower at the other characterize winder staircases. As a result, there is no need for an additional landing when the staircase changes direction. Therefore, picture it as a mix between a straight and curved staircase.

Of course, where the winder staircase is located in your home will have an impact on the finest basket for stairs. We advise a medium-sized set of storage baskets with a more balanced construction because it already has the appearance of being an eye-catching feature to balance the area in a fashionable yet useful way.

Winder staircases frequently have a small area left underneath the angled steps or a nook at the bottom of the staircase. For more functionality, think about adding a console table and some wicker storage baskets to the space beneath your winder staircase.

This will offer a practical and attractive storage solution for things that need to be accessible right away, like casual shoes, gloves, and hats. If the area is large enough, an elegant accent chair with a bigger wicker basket to keep things like books and periodicals might also be added.

5.U-shaped stairs

A landing in the midst of a U-shaped staircase connects the two sets of stairs, giving you the ability to spin around as you ascend or descend. If your staircase is designed in this way, consider yourself really lucky since they are actually pretty nice to have in the house and provide a more spacious look and feel.

We strongly advise placing a larger, gorgeous wicker basket at the corner of the landing where the two sets of stairs converge if your staircase is u-shaped.

It's an excellent way to give this frequently ignored space some elegance, and it's also ideal for keeping goods that you need quick access to before leaving the house, such as your work bag, gym bag, or everyday shoes. Additionally, it prevents these goods from cluttering up the entranceway, making it appear more friendly.

If you have a pet, on the other hand, you might frequently see them lounging on the stairs. Why not substitute a wicker pet bed if there is room?

6.L-shaped stairs

Although they look similar, u-shaped and l-shaped staircases are different. A straight staircase with a bend is what is often meant by an L-shaped staircase.

A landing that takes a 90-degree turn in the middle, similar to a u-shaped staircase, is typically added to create the bend. But the landing can also be positioned nearer to the top or bottom of the stairs, producing the well-known "classic l-shape."

As long as there is enough room, we would really advise using the same design advice for l-shaped stairs as we did for u-shaped ones. Avoid packing the landing area too tightly because that will make the area unusable.

L-shaped staircases typically feature a smaller landing space. The ideal option for the landing is a rectangular wicker basket if you're working with a small space. Rectangular baskets will fit well in the corner and won't take up much room, while oval-shaped baskets might appear a little strange, and square baskets might be too large. It's a fantastic method to increase useful storage on your stairs without taking up too much space.

Makeup Tools Basket Organizer

How to Maximize the Storage Space Beneath Your Stairs?

Don't throw away the area under your stairs! It is a frequently disregarded space that can be used as useful storage. Here are some innovative and resourceful ways to make the most of this space in your house:

1.Add cabinets

As we have discussed, additional furniture features may truly make a room come alive. Why not think about having a unit specially created if you can't quite locate one that fits perfectly? Or try it yourself and turn it into a DIY project!

2. Wine cellar

Did you know that the "spadrel" under your staircase, which is an excellent place to store wine, may be used for this purpose? Although they are sometimes disregarded, these spaces are typically cool and dry, which makes them ideal for keeping your favorite bottles. So why not think about installing a wine rack in the interest of maximizing these spaces? Your reserves will stay in great shape and be ready to be used whenever the situation calls for them.

3.Coat rack

If you’re not overly fond of storing your outerwear in wicker baskets, add a convenient yet stylish coat rack to the space. As long as there is enough room, installing a coat rack will undoubtedly be useful. Additionally, moving it close to or underneath the staircase can free up room in your entry hall (if your staircase is located there).

4. A pet area

Although we've already discussed putting a pet bed on some types of stairs, if you have a little area that isn't being used for storage, designate it as a place where your pet may unwind. Include a wonderful bed and a wicker toy basket. Pets generally enjoy little, cramped spaces like this, so it should be a hit.

Shop the Best Quality Woven Baskets at HNL

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about the top stair baskets. We hope that you can rest easy knowing that HNL has the ideal wicker baskets to go in with any stairway, house design, or style preference you may have.

We have a wide variety of wicker baskets, so we invite you to browse the rest of our website to discover the ideal option.

Also keep in mind that when you buy HNL, you are getting stair baskets made of high-quality, enduring wicker that exudes elegance and flair and is produced using sustainable and ethical practices.

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