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Basket with Lid Basket with Lid
Basket with Lid Basket with Lid

Basket with Lid

  • H98547

Product Size:
XL:46×35.5 TH25CM
L:40×30 TH22CM
Product Description

Our woven baskets with lid are expertly crafted from wicker over a sturdy iron wire frame. These baskets provide the perfect storage solution for your bedroom, laundry room, or kitchen, accommodating items of all sizes. With their functional design and stylish aesthetics, these woven trunks offer endless possibilities to organize and beautify your space.

Key Features:

- Durable Construction: Our lid baskets are built to last, thanks to the combination of wicker and a sturdy iron wire frame. The strong materials ensure durability and stability, allowing you to store various items with confidence.

- Versatile Usage: These wicker baskets with lids can be utilized in multiple rooms of your home. Use them in the bedroom to organize clothing, accessories, or bedding. In the laundry room, they serve as practical hampers for dirty clothes or as storage for detergent and supplies. In the kitchen, these baskets are ideal for keeping pantry items, cookware, or utensils neatly organized.

- Dual Functionality: These lid baskets with handles offer the flexibility to display or hide items according to your preference. Leave the lid open to showcase decorative items, books, or plants, adding a charming touch to your space. Alternatively, close the lid to conceal clutter when hosting guests, maintaining a clean and organized environment.

- Easy Transport: Designed with convenience in mind, these baskets feature handles for effortless transportation. Move them from room to room or carry them outdoors as needed, making it easy to adapt to your changing organizational needs.

- Earthy Aesthetics: The natural coloring of these wicker baskets adds an earthy and rustic feel to any room. The warm tones and woven texture create a cozy and inviting ambiance, elevating the overall aesthetics of your home decor.

- Space-Saving Storage: When not in use, these lid baskets can be conveniently nested inside each other, minimizing storage space and allowing for efficient organization.

Embrace the functionality and beauty of our wicker storage baskets. Enjoy the durability of their construction, the versatility of their usage, and the convenience of their handles. Organize your belongings while adding a touch of natural elegance to your home. When it comes to stylish and practical storage, these baskets are the perfect choice.

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