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Wall Decoration Concentric Circle Woven Net Wall Decoration Concentric Circle Woven Net

Wall Decoration Concentric Circle Woven Net

  • H98271

Product Size:
DIAM:33 H:1.3CM
Product Description

Concentric Circle Woven Net Wall Decoration

Q: What is the wall woven art made of?

A: This wicker woven wall decoration is made from 100% natural wicker. It is handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional weaving techniques, resulting in a stunning and visually captivating design.

Q: Is the woven wood wall panels clean and hygienic?

A: Yes, cleanliness and hygiene are our priorities. The wall decoration undergoes a high-temperature steaming process, ensuring the removal of bacteria and providing a safe and healthy product for your home.

Q: How is the round woven wall decor supported on the wall?

A: The wall decoration is supported by a lightweight metal framework. This makes it easy to hang on your walls without causing any damage to your furniture. You can enjoy hassle-free installation and the freedom to place it wherever you desire.

Q: What are the practical uses of this wall decoration?

A: Our textured woven wall hanging serves both functional and decorative purposes. It offers an excellent solution for organizing small items such as jellycat toys, keychains, or other trinkets. Additionally, you can simply hang it as a captivating decor piece, adding a rustic and natural style to your warm and inviting home.

Q: Can I customize the design or size of the woven wall art?

A: Currently, we offer the round woven wall decor in its standard design and size. However, we are always open to hearing your ideas and suggestions for customization. Please feel free to contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Q: Is the wall decoration suitable for any room in the house?

A: Yes, the versatile design of the woven wall panels allows it to complement any room in your home. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, hallway, or even a nursery, this wall decoration adds an aesthetic appeal and a touch of natural elegance.

Q: How do I clean the wall decoration?

A: To clean the wall decor, simply use a soft brush or a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions, as they may damage the natural wicker material.

We hope this FAQ section provides you with the necessary information about our Round Woven Net Wall Decoration. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team at [Company Name].

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