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Woven Wall Baskets: A Classy Accent for Your Interior Design

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Woven Wall Baskets: A Classy Accent for Your Interior Design

In terms of home décor, woven wall baskets are growing in popularity. They may give a sophisticated touch to any area of the house and are available in a variety of sizes, forms, and materials. A distinctive and striking addition to your house, woven wall baskets can suit both modern and rustic design styles.


According to the different materials, woven wall baskets are maly diveded into bamboo baskets, seagrass baskets, rattan baskets, and wicker baskets. Every material offers a distinct texture and appearance of its own. A traditional material for baskets, wicker offers a cosy, natural appearance. A flexible material with a hint of modernity is rattan. Seagrass has a mild, earthy feel and is a sturdy alternative. Bamboo offers a more refined and elegant appearance and is a sustainable material option.


There are a wide variety of styles available for woven wall baskets, including square and round, shallow and deep, and classic and contemporary. While some baskets lack handles, others do. While some are simple, others have fringes, pom-poms, or tassels as decorations.

Additionally, there are various methods for hanging baskets from the wall. While some baskets require some DIY work, others come with loops connected and are ready to hang. A basic, rustic display can be made with a few screws and some strong wire. As an alternative, a hanging system can be put in place for a polished and businesslike appearance.

Places to Put a Woven Wall Basket

You can hang woven wall baskets in almost any room of your house. They work really well to give otherwise boring walls some colour and texture. These are just a handful of applications for them:

Living room

In a living area, wall baskets can be used to create additional display or storage space. You can use them to store small plants, books, or blankets.


Weaved wall baskets are a wonderful accent to have in the space. In addition to utensils or kitchen appliances, they can be used to store fruits and vegetables.


In many cases, bathrooms could use more storage space. Towels and toiletries can be stored in wall baskets.

Bedroom baskets can serve as a stylish addition to the bedroom. Extra blankets or pillows can be stored in them.

Ideas for Using Woven Wall Baskets As Decorations

There are a few considerations when using woven wall baskets for décor.

Mix and match

Don't be scared to combine various basket types and materials. This could result in an original, varied style.

Play with hues

The colours for woven wall baskets are abundant. Picking baskets with a splash of colour or that complement the room's colour scheme is something to think about.

Assemble in sets

Baskets grouped in sets of two or three can make a visually appealing arrangement. Hanging the baskets at various heights might provide visual appeal.


1.How should my woven wall basket be cleaned?

A dry or slightly damp cloth can be used to clean woven wall baskets. Refrain from applying abrasive chemicals or overwetting the basket.

2.How should a woven wall basket be hung?

There are several ways to hang wall baskets. Making a hanging system with screws, wire, or rope is usually the simplest method.

3.Are woven wall baskets suitable for outdoor use?

A lot of woven wall baskets are not constructed of materials that are meant to be used outside, like plastic or seagrass. However, some are. Make sure the basket is constructed of weather-resistant material and clearly marked as suited for outdoor usage if you plan to use it outside.

4.How can I combine woven wall baskets with other décor pieces?

Woven wall baskets might be included in a more elaborate design plan. A few elements to consider incorporating are mirrors, artwork, and other textured materials like drapes or rugs.

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