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An Overview of Bamboo Tray Maintenance

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An Overview of Bamboo Tray Maintenance

It is vitally essential to take care of your bamboo tray in order to maintain its quality and ensure that your experience with dry herbs is hassle-free. When one attempts to roll dry herbs by hand on cardboard or newspapers, there is a good chance that some of the herb will be wasted. Bamboo trays eliminate this risk. Having a rolling tray makes it much simpler and cleaner to roll cigarettes, regardless of whether you are a seasoned smoker or just starting out.

What Makes Our Bamboo Trays Necessary for Upkeep?

Because of their smooth surface, which makes handling your herb and rolling it feel very natural, bamboo trays are considered to be among the highest-quality types of trays. A broken tray is difficult to replace and will negatively impact your experience with dry herbs. Inadequately maintained, pricey trays with several compartments frequently exhibit signs of deterioration and fraying, which are caused by a lack of maintenance. Dry herb granules and clumps have the potential to become lodged in the tray's holes and crevices, which will result in wasted dry herb. Because bamboo trays are in such high demand relative to other kinds of trays, the cost of replacing one with a new one can be rather high.

There are a few important actions that must be taken in order to maintain the quality of your bamboo tray:

Your Allies Are the Brushes That Have Multiple Dimensions

Always use a multi-dimensional brush to clean your bamboo tray and get rid of any dirt or particles that may have accumulated on it. Find brushes that have bristles that are both soft and fine. You will be able to access every nook and cranny of the various compartments of your tray with the assistance of these bristles. Investing in brushes in a range of sizes enables you to clean trays and compartments of varying dimensions, which makes the process of tray maintenance significantly simpler.

It Is Important That You Do Not Use Your Rolling Tray as an Ashtray

When they're out of ashtrays, some smokers resort to using their rolling trays instead. Because a lit cigarette can leave burn marks and holes, this is not good for the health of your bamboo tray, which could be damaged as a result. It is possible that ash will become lodged in the perforations and that it will later be rolled up with a cigarette. In addition to this, it makes your rolling tray look unattractive and causes it to wear out faster.

Do Not Put Your Bamboo Tray Into Running Water When Cleaning It

Bamboo must be stored in a dry environment at all times and cannot be washed in running water. It is imperative that the bottom of the tray never come into contact with water because it is highly sensitive to dampness. The presence of moisture can lead to the development of rot, which can irreparably harm your tray. The decay will also make the tray less sturdy and unclean to use. If you absolutely have to clean the tray, you should do so with a dry and clean towel.

Put Away Your Plate

After use, once the bamboo tray has been cleaned, you should put it aside until the next time you need it. Leaving it lying around opens it up to the risk of being damaged, as well as to the accumulation of dirt and dampness. Instead, you should store your bamboo tray in a dry and cold location with a piece of paper over it, followed by wrapping it up in the piece of paper. You might also choose to preserve it from dirt and moisture by putting it in a bag and storing it that way.

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