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How to Use Small Baskets in 6 Charming Ways

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How to Use Small Baskets in 6 Charming Ways

A cute little handcrafted basket is a lovely addition to any room. Because it is handmade, it tells the tale of the craftsman and the skills used in its creation. A sense of harmony will also be enhanced by the naturally weaved baskets. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, little baskets have countless applications around the house or office. Small baskets are very useful and will usually last a long time in your home because of their many uses. Here, we'll go through some of our favourite tips for getting the most out of these classic items.

1. Exhibit Priceless Mementos and Discover Items

Keeping your phone and valuables in a small basket beside your nightstand at night will ensure that they are accessible, secure, and safe when you wake up. Charms such as necklaces, bracelets, and beads look great in baskets and complement other baskets of accessories or makeup on a bedroom console.

If you appreciate gathering natural items such as seed pods and shells, a little basket is a stylish container for storing and showcasing them. One can add a basic yet elegant touch by setting it on a sideboard, hall table, or shelving unit. Alternatively, fill a basket like this one with additional sentimental items like picture frames, unique novels, or handcrafted items.

2. Put Little Woven Baskets in Your Creative Room or Workspace

A tiny  basket is the ideal size for holding pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and small notebooks, so you can easily access them while working. Stowing equipment in baskets to be visible when not in use might make you happy and inspire you. For groupings of lengthy objects, we suggest using square or tall baskets; for books, scissors, and other tools, we suggest using small oval baskets.

Place these containers in the corners of a desk, sideboard, or set of shelves while not in use to give your workstation an instant, highly personalised decorative touch.

3. Kitchen Organising and Decoration

This is when little baskets come in handy in the kitchen. Group culinary utensils that you wish to have close at hand when cooking with them, or simply like having them here every day. Placed in a large basket, natural wooden spoons, scrubbing brushes, and other handcrafted or vintage utensils look amazing. We also adore putting your weekly selection of citrus in spherical baskets to contain root veggies like onion, garlic, and ginger before you cook them!

4. Give Dried Leaves and Potted Plants a Touch of Natural Style

Placed in little woven baskets, potted plants and dried floral arrangements look exquisite. Baskets for live plants can give whatever greenery you add to the areas of your house that receive plenty of natural light a polished look. It's a really easy method to breathe new life into things and give them a slightly more vibrant, nourished vibe.

Put the sprigs you gather in little baskets so you can enjoy them indoors if you want to forage on long walks or take cuttings from your garden. Tiny arrangements look great on a shelf or window sill and lend a lovely touch to a dinner table. Making new arrangements before you host visitors or after a weekly cleaning is really pleasant.

5. Incorporate a Subtle Hint of Opulence Into Your Bathroom

A woven basket and other high-quality textiles will provide softness and balance to a bathroom that is mostly composed of cold, hard, and smooth surfaces. It is helpful to designate a space where we can easily keep the numerous tiny items and goods that we use in this room on a daily basis. Hairbrushes, ties, makeup, skincare products, and beauty tools will all be kept organised in little baskets. To keep items neat and organised, arrange them in a drawer or on a shelf.

6. Use Natural Baskets to Host Elegant Gatherings

When getting ready to eat with loved ones, use little baskets to carry beverages and cutlery to add a little bit of décor. Use baskets with pottery, natural linen, and complementary woven placemats and coaster sets to create a laid-back atmosphere. Increase the drama of the occasion by putting more embellishments on the table centrepiece, adding candles, and using more foliage and flowers. Have fun!

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