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Seagrass Tray with Handle Seagrass Tray with Handle

Seagrass Tray with Handle

  • H97452

Product Size:
L:35X24XH15 TH17CM
M:30X20XH12.5 TH15CM
S:27X18XH10.5 TH12.5CM
Product Description

FAQ - Seagrass Tray with Handle

1. What is a seagrass tray with handle?

A seagrass tray with handle is a handmade tray crafted from natural seagrass fibers. It features a convenient handle or handles for easy carrying and serving purposes. This versatile tray is perfect for various applications, including serving food, organizing items, or adding a decorative touch to your space.

2. What are the benefits of a seagrass tray with handle?

- Functionality: The handle(s) on the seagrass tray allow for effortless carrying and serving, making it an ideal server for parties, gatherings, or daily use.

- Natural Beauty: The seagrass material adds a touch of rustic elegance and organic charm to any setting, enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

- Lightweight and Durable: Seagrass is known for its lightweight yet sturdy nature, ensuring that the tray is easy to handle and long-lasting.

3. What styles of seagrass trays with handles are available?

Our collection includes a range of seagrass tray options to suit different preferences and needs. Choose from:

- Shallow seagrass trays, perfect for displaying small items or creating decorative arrangements.

- Colorful seagrass trays with handles, adding a vibrant and playful touch to your space.

- Seagrass trays with cutout handles, offering a unique and stylish design element.

- Seagrass trays with drop-down handles, allowing for easy storage when not in use.

- Seagrass trays with a single handle, providing a minimalist and sleek look.

4. Can I find seagrass trays without handles?

Yes, we also offer seagrass trays without handles for those seeking a more traditional or simplified design. These trays are equally versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as organizing items or displaying decorative pieces.

Add a touch of natural beauty and functionality to your home or event with our exquisite seagrass tray with handle. Experience the charm and versatility of this handmade piece, perfect for serving, organizing, or enhancing your decor. Explore our collection today and find the perfect seagrass tray to suit your style.

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