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16 Storage and Decor Ideas for Wicker Basket Uses

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16 Storage and Decor Ideas for Wicker Basket Uses

Ladies, let's say you have some wicker baskets that are woven all over your house and you want to use them for anything more than just storing stuff. If you employ a little creativity, you'll discover that wicker baskets and hampers are really useful for both home décor and storage.

A hand-woven rattan basket is an environmentally friendly item that may be incorporated into your home's sustainable living system. It is often composed entirely of compostable plant-based canes. Whether used as wall art or as a plant holder, rattan baskets add a distinctively rustic visual sense to your home while serving as practical and simple storage for a variety of commonplace objects.

Here are the top 16 applications of wicker baskets for home décor and storage if you're looking for more inspiration. After reading this, you most likely wish to get more baskets for your exquisite house.

1.Wicker Basket Used in the Kitchen

An excellent chef possesses an abundance of bottles and jars containing various seasonings in the kitchen. In addition, you should always have a few cookbooks available. Why not place one or more wicker baskets next to the stove and fill them with everything you need, including your favorite cookbooks and ingredient-rich bottles?

Utilizing rectangular wicker baskets inside your kitchen cabinet is also a terrific concept; these are best covered with cloth fabric. Arrange your dishes, tablecloths, mugs, knives and forks, spoons, and kitchen brushes in a nice and orderly manner to transform an untidy kitchen cabinet into a perfectly organized one.

2.Fruit Basket for Storage

Fruits are one of the wicker basket's most popular uses. The huge storage rattan basket with hollow-carved design works best with a variety of fruits, including lemon, orange, apple, strawberry, banana, and grape. The natural storage baskets, adorned with vibrant fruits in shades of orange, red, yellow, and purple, contribute a home décor element that is both understated and cozy.

3.Picnic Basket

Picnics are another common application for wicker baskets. The huge opening wicker basket with holder is ideal for showcasing food, fruits, tea, and tableware, but the suitcase-style wicker basket is still wonderful for carrying your picnic meal. You should also make sure the picnic cloth is in line with the basket to enhance the romantic and Instagram-worthy nature of your lunch with loved ones. You don't have to worry about it, though, because a wicker basket's natural brown color goes well with any type of fabric.

4.Wicker Tray for Food Serving

Using a wicker basket with a holder as a serving platter for food is a creative use for it. You can effortlessly transport food from the kitchen to the dining table because of the holders. The wicker trays, filled with bread, cakes, cookies, dishes, glasses of tea, and cups of coffee, will most doubt make many appearances during your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon teatime. In addition to being practical for meal service, a rattan tray graces your dining table and provides warmth for everyday use.

5.Rattan Basket Vase

A rattan basket can be used for more than just storing. A handmade rattan basket may be used as a natural vase to hold artificial flowers, making it a great option for florists and flower lovers alike. For any long floral stem, the large cylindrical or cuboid rattan basket is perfect. Additionally, the short, chubby basket that holds the fake green vine and little flower is a work of art. The basket vase complements the home design wherever it is placed, whether on our table or a shelf.

Handmade Storage Basket

6.Plant Holder for Indoors

Use a wicker basket to hold actual plants if you're craving real greens but don't like phony flowers. Just make sure the plants are placed in a ceramic pot or jar first, and then dress it up with a wicker basket to give it a lovely appearance. Wicker baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles that work well with different types of indoor flowers and plants.

You'll adore the way your favorite painting looks next to a hanging basket filled with air plants on a white wall. A weeping fig tree that is "planted" in a sizable round rattan basket and peacefully placed in the corner of our living room serves as another reminder of the lovely green life.

7.Storage Closet

You should swap out the out-of-season clothing with ease each season when you organize your closet. To optimize the available space and maintain a tidy closet, a set of small and medium-sized rectangular wicker baskets works wonders, holding precisely sized towels, underwear, socks, hats, gloves, and belts. No more unused rooms! For small spaces, this application of the wicker basket notion is also advised.

An additional tip for tidying a wardrobe is to use a big circular rattan hamper for dry cleaning and laundry.

8.Decorating With Baskets on the Wall

When not in use, how should baskets be stored? Wall décor is a really great concept. Handmade, lightweight rattan baskets can be used in both traditional and modern home decor styles. When hung as wall hangings, the baskets can become works of art and give your living room or hallway's plain wall some warmth and texture.

Certain columnar baskets can still be utilized for storage, regardless of their size.

9.Basket With Knitting Accessories

Raise your hand if, as of late, you enjoy knitting at home. A wicker basket, as adaptable as you are, is incredibly useful for storing your knitting supplies and equipment, such as needles, yarn, scissors, stitch holders, stitch markers, and crochet hooks. There isn't any better place to keep your knitting supplies.

Of course, you could store your sewing accessories in a wicket basket as well.

10.Nightstand Decor

If you set a wicker basket tray on top of a nightstand, it might serve as a natural décor element in your bedroom. It can hold a lamp, picture frames, books, an antique vase, a small green plant, or anything else you like. To create a cozy and romantic atmosphere, put a freshly manufactured wax candle in the rattan basket if you have an obsession with do-it-yourself projects.

Basket with Lid

11.Storage and Design for Side Tables

Wicker baskets are useful for this purpose. Place it on your coffee table, side table, or door shelf to make organizing daily necessities super simple: phones, remote controls, pens, notebooks, magazines, and keys are all neatly arranged in a rectangular basket tray beside the door; frequently used cups are beautifully arranged in a round tray. The room comes to life with a few plants or natural elements, such as a shell and an odd small stone.

12.Holder for Toilet Paper

A wicker basket is a sustainable substitute for the conventional plastic toilet roll holder in a zero-waste bathroom. In addition to serving as a container for holding and storing toilet paper, wicker baskets add brightness and style to otherwise boring bathrooms.

A rattan basket in your bathroom is also ideal for storing your personal hygiene products, such as shampoo, shower gel, face wash, hairbrush, and other items. Just be sure to keep moisture away from the basket.

13.Kid's Toy Storage

Are you sick and weary of packing up your son's toys that are all over the floor? You'll adore the notion of storing children's toys in a large, ostentatious wicker basket. A hand-woven cane basket is strong and long-lasting; it can easily accommodate all of your child's toys without breaking.

14.Storage and Design for Dressers

A recent trend in skincare product display is the wicker box. It looks great with your wicker, metal, linen, or wooden dresser. In addition, the baskets provide a zero-waste alternative to plastic boxes for storing perfume, jewelry, cosmetics, and makeup brushes. Additionally, this unconventional decorating impact for your bedroom is produced by using a wicker basket.

15.Coffee Storage

Centuries ago, coffee was transported in baskets. To store coffee beans (in a bottle or jar), a coffee pot, and other accessories, baskets are still a smart option. Do these baskets temporarily transport you back to bygone eras because of their rustic and vintage appearance?

16.Sustainable Gift Basket

Gift baskets are yet another creative way to use wicker baskets. A lot of people are thinking of giving a gift basket filled with homemade food and cosmetics to commemorate a sustainable Valentine's Day or a greener Christmas. You'd be shocked at how amazing the gift appears.

In Summary

The reasonably priced, handcrafted wicker basket, originally from an antique, is currently all the rage when it comes to home décor and storage. They can hold a variety of foods and objects and come in a range of sizes and forms. Furthermore, wicker basket decorating choices are virtually limitless.

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