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How to Arrange Baskets Throughout Your House?

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How to Arrange Baskets Throughout Your House?

There are so many dos and don'ts in the realm of home decor that it's easy to get confused. Nevertheless, using baskets as décor around your house is a trend that never goes out of style. Baskets are extremely useful in many facets of life; they can be used for fashionable storage to arrange things or for moving goods from one location to another.

Nowadays, not much has changed because people from all walks of life continue to utilize baskets all around the world. The ease of finding and accessibility of baskets is a benefit of using them for décor. They are available for purchase online if you would rather not leave the comforts of your home. If you're looking for unusual baskets at a steep discount, consider going to a nearby thrift store.

Once the basket is in your possession, you may decide whether to recycle, upcycle, or use it for something else entirely—like unusual home décor. An old basket can be turned into the ideal lamp shade for your living area for any reason. Nothing should prevent you from gathering basket mats with varying diameters and hanging them on a wall to decorate the space. There are countless ways to style your basket; learn how to incorporate the décor throughout your entire house by reading on.

Transform Your Basket Into a Planter to Showcase Your Foliage

Introducing woven baskets as floral planters is the first, and most likely the simplest, step towards utilizing baskets as décor in the house. You must already be aware of all the advantages that living plants provide if you already have any in your house. And if you don't, you ought to think about using a few for aesthetic purposes and even for practical purposes (depending on the kinds of plants you have, some can be used for cooking and other health benefits). After deciding which plants to arrange in your house, take into account their sizes as well as the dimensions of the vases, boxes, and pots that they will be housed in. Next, purchase a basket that is large enough to accommodate the container that the plant is in. You can then use it as a creative planter to showcase your greens and elevate your decor.

First of all, there is a basket out there that can accommodate any size plant you already have in your home, be it a giant fig tree or something as tiny as a newborn cactus. Second, while size might not be a major consideration, you still need to make sure the basket's material is sturdy. Popular woven baskets are those made of wicker, especially those with handles. These are often robust and able to support the weight of both large and small plants.


Remember to include a saucer underneath the pots as well, to allow water to drain well without contaminating the basket and preventing harm to it. Take a look at these woven tote baskets from HNL; they are strengthened to be both sturdy and breathable, and they are created from natural hyacinth.

Hang Baskets as Artwork on Your Wall

If you have an empty wall in your house, use it as prime real estate to furnish and show off your unique style. Do not hesitate to create a gallery wall using a collection of basket materials, such as basket trays, woven basket flags, and other basket objects, even though you may already have paintings or photos hanging from the walls. It instantly gives the house a luxurious bohemian chic vibe.

Make sure the items you use for your gallery wall don't overpower the wall in any way while mounting them. You can hang your basket gallery on walls that are frequently viewed, but you should also think about hanging it on walls that are situated in odd places, such as the walls next to stairs.

She made the wise decision to allow the basket's natural brown color to create a lovely contrast with her white wall. However, you may also paint some of the baskets a different color if you want your gallery wall to complement your current color scheme.

Make a Vignette Using Seasonal Baskets

Are you looking for a focal point for your house that is both incredibly character-filled and easy to execute? You only need to make a floral basket. You most likely already have your basket gallery wall mounted and beautifully displayed if you have used my advice wisely. This phase is all about adding a piece of extra décor that will not only go well with the gallery wall but also instantly transform your house from plain to stylish.

Use Baskets to Provide More Room for Storage

Clutter is a genuine problem, whether you live alone or with other people. Some people have trouble with this more often than not; in this case, you might have previously stocked up on various storage containers, such as bins and plastic boxes. If you are passionate about organizing baskets in your house, you might want to think about utilizing them as additional storage in various areas. Not only will these baskets look great, they will serve their purpose flawlessly.

You must first choose which rooms to use each basket in before choosing which one to use. If you want to add baskets to the living room, you can go with a circular basket that looks comfortable and has a soothing color scheme. Place it at the foot of your sofa or in the room's corner after stuffing it with blankets and tossing pillows. Smaller baskets can be used on your coffee table to collect and keep things like your remote control that are prone to getting lost. Books and periodicals are additional objects that you may put in the baskets. After all, who needs a shelf when you can have a basket full of books? Additionally, if you do have a bookshelf, adding some tiny baskets to the shelf will elevate the overall look of the room.

Additionally, baskets can be used as storage bins in your den to collect things like candles, old cassettes, and stationery, or as toy storage in the rooms of little children!

Dog Toy Basket

Use Baskets as a Home for Pets

The possibilities are endless after you've fully immersed yourself in the realm of designing baskets as interior décor and realize that they may be used as lamp shades and storage bins. But how out of place would your pet feel if it walked into a room with a gallery of baskets on the wall, a basket vignette in the corner, and baskets for sofa decorations, and it didn't get its own basket?

Since your pet may not give a damn, you should nonetheless incorporate them into your home's décor, even though they might not care all that much. Take a look at our pet basket, which is designed to resemble a hollow burrow and contains a cozy pillow for your pet to relax on during downtime. Pets with fur, particularly cats, would like curling up here and retreating to their very own haven, we can assure you.

Make a DIY Coffee Table out of Baskets

Now that we know, you may effortlessly incorporate basket stools and ottomans into your existing interior design. In light of this, what is keeping you from making a real basket table similar to the one shown above? This type of furniture can function effectively as a side table or as the primary piece in both large and small spaces. A minimalist appearance is produced by the open gaps between each reed pattern in the baskets.

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