What to Look for in a Wicker Basket?

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What to Look for in a Wicker Basket?

It's likely that adding stylish decorations would help if you've been examining your room and feel that something's missing.

A wicker basket is known for being practical and elegant, bringing a touch of style to any area. But where do I begin? Exactly what should you look for? We can certainly help, though!

Find out what to look for in a wicker basket by reading on.

Factors To Consider When Looking For a Wicker Basket

You want to buy a gorgeous wicker basket to match your home's design, so you do. great decision But everyone will likely have different preferences when it comes to what to look for when buying a wicker basket. We all have distinct needs and tastes, after all.

We've now discussed the key elements to take into account when choosing the ideal wicker basket for your house, including the quality, style, size, design, and purpose.


Of course, the wicker basket's quality is one of the most crucial items to consider.

If you want your premium wicker basket to last for a long time, it must be crafted using high-quality materials. Additionally, make sure to check the wickerwork's quality, since if you buy a wicker basket that was manufactured inadvertently and carelessly, you run the risk of the basket becoming worn out and exhausted before it should.

Our top two suggestions for spotting a wicker basket of superior quality are listed below:

What materials make up the wicker basket? Keep an eye out for high-quality organic materials, since wickerwork will look stunning when combined with them. Seagrass or rattan are two examples.

Does the weaving seem to be sturdy? After all, weaving wicker is a skill. Regardless of the weaving pattern, premium wickerwork should appear effortless and natural while still being sturdy. If not, you run the danger of spending money on wicker that is easy to split or unravel.

Our exquisite collection of wicker baskets at HNL is expertly crafted from the purest natural materials that are also ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. You can choose from lovely wicker alternatives made of premium rattan, seagrass, bamboo, or rattan.

In addition, you can be confident that each and every one of our wicker baskets is handcrafted with care so that we can offer our customers the greatest quality available.

Basket with Wood Handles


Don't spend money on a wicker basket that you'll ultimately want to hide. Therefore, even though it may seem obvious, be sure you adore the way it looks before making a purchase.

Do my home and style match this particular wicker basket style? For instance, some of our clients enjoy how oval wicker basket shapes enhance the entire feel and look of a space. Consider adding desk accessories or storage baskets to the shelves for storage.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have clients who would rather go all out and make a significant investment in a sizable hamper, ideal for creating a stunning focal point in a space. A wicker trunk-style storage option is another common and more attractive design that is frequently used to replace a coffee table.

Therefore, we're trying to emphasize that it will all depend on your particular taste. A lavishly spectacular design or beauty in the details? Your choice!


Wickerwork is quite adaptable and may be molded to show a variety of wicker designs. Therefore, we suggest that you initially look at a variety of wicker baskets because you'll begin to grasp what you want and which design is perfect for your home.

Just taking a quick look around the rest of our website will show you how adaptable quality wicker can be. Wicker baskets are sure to appeal to many home decor aficionados, from our fishbone laundry baskets to our unique, texturized designs that are featured across several of our collections.

Aside from wicker patterns, it's important to note that our collection of wicker baskets is available in a variety of colors that don't compromise the wicker basket's structural integrity. This consists of a variety of modern grays and neutrals mixed with rustic bronze finishes.


This is more of a practical concern because it will depend on what you plan to use it for and whether size matters.

For instance, if you frequently use your home's log burner, it wouldn't be a smart idea to get a small wicker log basket. You'll have to slog to and from your firewood storage location because it won't contain the quantity of firewood you need.

Therefore, size should be your top priority while looking for the ideal wicker basket for you. While we're talking about log baskets, we have a variety of deceptively expansive sizes that won't seem too bulky next to your log burner if you don't like the concept of a big wicker basket. It's almost magical!

Woven Laudry Basket


The final step is to decide what will go inside your new wicker basket.

For instance, is it intended to fit with furniture that already exists? Will you only utilize it for storage purposes? Or perhaps you want a wicker basket that can serve a number of different storage purposes.

Your search will get easier once you've determined what your wicker basket is used for. Below, we list a few typical examples:

Gifting : if you’re preparing a memorable present for a loved one, nothing quite says luxury like our wicker hampers.

Adding to existing furniture: Our shelf storage baskets would be a great option, depending on the size of the furniture piece.

Large volumes of storage: wicker trunks or hampers offer a huge capacity when it comes to storing away voluminous items, making them the perfect choice.

Toy boxes: Depending on how many toys are inside, our wicker baskets are a popular option.

How to Decorate With Wicker Baskets?

There are a ton of ways to decorate with baskets, but let's break this down even further and demonstrate some styling ideas.

1. Dressing up coffee tables with wicker baskets

You have a lot of options for your coffee table. Use a wicker tray, for instance, to place books inside or other decorations. For convenient access, you might also think about placing remote controls in a wicker basket on a side table. An excellent substitute for a magazine rack is a wicker basket.

Additionally, you can nest smaller baskets inside larger ones, as we did in our living room with this small white-painted basket. If you want to give your used basket a brand new look, I explain how to paint wicker baskets in another post.

2. Fireplace mantel decorating ideas with wicker baskets

Your mantel, as I did on our spring mantle, is another fantastic location to adorn with wicker baskets. Smaller baskets can be hung on the front or put on the mantel shelf, as we did with real or fake flowers.

a hanging basket of dogwood blossoms filled with spring flowers at the end of the fireplace mantel

In fact, wicker baskets look great in any season and are a simple way to change up your decor. For lovely wall decor, these shallow and flat baskets are simple to hang.

Oval Basket

3. Wicker basket centerpiece ideas

You can easily make centerpieces with wicker baskets in all different sizes and shapes. Make a floral arrangement as I did here, and put a pitcher of water within a lovely basket.

There are countless possibilities for dining room table decor.

4. Decorating bookcases with wicker baskets

A bookcase is perhaps one of my favorite things to design with baskets. like these substantial wicker baskets, offer so much personality and beauty to a bookcase. Additionally, they provide interior storage space. Extra towels or a warm blanket fit perfectly in a tall basket.

Especially old and antique baskets like my bushel basket, add baskets to the top of your bookcase or other pieces of furniture. While thrifting and antiquing, I found this basket. Think about setting a picnic basket on a bookcase as well. This durable basket makes the ideal concealed storage space, and it looks nice.

To further decorate the basket, place a little wreath atop it. Additionally, using a lidded container, like a picnic basket, as decoration makes getting ready for a picnic simpler. All you need to do is grab it and leave when you're ready to pack. If you're looking for a picnic idea, we utilized this basket in our post on a vintage tea party picnic.

5. Decorating the kitchen with wicker baskets

The only room that requires baskets is the kitchen. Keep in mind that baskets are attractive and can be used for storage. I keep kitchen towels in this basket that hangs above my refrigerator, despite the fact that it appears to be a decoration.

Wicker baskets also offer an ideal alternative for organizing your cabinets.

For storing office supplies and organizing crucial paperwork in your home office, wicker baskets are a useful storage option.

6. Hanging pendant light wicker basket

Not every basket rests on a shelf or piece of furniture. Even better, create a wicker basket lamp and hang it over a desk, next to a chair in a reading nook, or next to a bed.

This is a fantastic method to increase lighting without taking up desk or nightstand space.

Final Words

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading our post on wicker basket qualities to search for. To locate the ideal wicker basket for you right now, browse the rest of our website if you're more certain of what you're looking for.

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