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What to Look for in Dog Toy Baskets?

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What to Look for in Dog Toy Baskets?

Like me, you probably adore your dogs. You probably spoil them rotten with chewable, instructive, and entertaining toys. The issue is that you don't have anywhere to put all of your dog's toys, so you wind up organizing and storing them in a laundry basket or pillowcase.

However, this doesn't always turn out nicely. Like the time your dog chose to pull the stockings from the chimney last Christmas since he was accustomed to finding his toys in a pillowcase. Also, keep in mind the time your dog accidentally removed your underwear from the laundry basket because he mistook it for his toy basket.

What then do you use to gather and secure your dog's toys?

There are many dog toy basket designs available online, but how do you know which one is the best? What criteria should you consider?

How to Choose a Dog Toy Basket?

Keep your wits about you while you browse a store's selection of dog toy baskets. They're adorable! They really are quite adorable!

There are countless varieties, from fluffy, frilly baskets for those tiny princess pooches some of us have to ones that are shaped like bones. If you don't take the time to consider what your dog needs, you can end up purchasing a pet basket that is useless.


Always get a toy basket that is larger than all the dog toys you have gathered. Toys will spill out if you try to cram them into every available space in the basket. The truth is that a dog owner never gets to the point of saying, "That's it, no more toys."

The basket will probably end up getting bigger because you'll never run out of fun new things to gift your dog with. Alternatively, you would require a second basket.

2. Useful design

You should select a toy basket with a design that is both useful and practical. This means you should pick a design that gives you reliable options.

A storage basket with a place for your dog collars and grooming tools will be far more useful than a plain tub design that will seem disorganized and messy.

Woven Cat Bed


To prevent your puppy from bringing out yet another toy when it is time for sleep, you will undoubtedly be relocating the toy basket while you pick up toys, clean your house, or store it at the end of the day. Therefore, it is much preferable to be able to handle the basket without having to hold it by a corner and risk having toys spill out all over the place.

I adore toy baskets with carry straps or handles on the sides because they make carrying them a breeze. For woven baskets, rope handles are more durable and a better option than wicker handles.

4. Closing device

If your toy basket has a top or cover, make sure it closes tightly to avoid it falling on a curious puppy or your hand while you clean up and put the toys away after your dog.

5. Care and cleaning

You can expect to occasionally clean your dog's toys and toy basket because they regularly play with their mouths when playing with their toys. A terrific advantage is having a toy basket that is wipeable, washable, or can be dry cleaned. Therefore, read the care directions on any toy basket you are thinking of purchasing.


Go kooky if you want to pick a toy basket that won't be confused with your trash can. Select a design that is distinct and conveys information about your dog and its toys.

Laundry Basket

How to Make the Most of the Dog Toy Basket?

A dog toy basket can be useful in a variety of ways. After all, it serves more purposes than merely holding toys. Additionally, it serves to train your dog, keep your house tidy, and prevent your house from becoming an animal sanctuary. Your dog's chew toys, tug toys, and cozy blanket can all be found in a toy basket. There are a variety of uses for it, including:

1. Gather and store

Your toy basket's primary function will be to provide a place for you to store your toys. Daily gathering and long-term storage, such as putting puppy toys away once your dog outgrows them, are both examples of this. Make sure your basket has enough space to accommodate the toys you are buying it for, and don't hesitate to purchase a second toy basket if you find you need one.

My dog has unique toys that are water-friendly for the summer and those days at the pool, so I have a winter and a summer toy basket. The typical tug toys and chew toys are kept in the winter basket. For the summer, I also like a washable basket for holding wet toys.

2. Train your canine to fetch and drop

Teaching your dog to fetch and drop is a terrific skill to teach them. This means that you will train your dog to fetch a toy, bring it to the basket, and dump it into the basket using the basket. When my dog fetches their toy and puts it in the basket, I prefer to train them by rewarding them with a treat.

3. Toy transportation during travel

The presence of their favorite toys when traveling with our dogs today makes them feel more at home in a strange and unfamiliar environment. It's really helpful to have a portable toy basket that I can pack with my dog's favorite toys and take on the go.

Storage Basket

Questions and Answers

1. How should dog toys be stored?

Any container that can keep dog toys secure and together can be used to store them. A dog toy container is intended to prevent your dog from leaving their toys all over the house and to keep the toys all together.

2. What type of basket is best for storing dog toys in?

There are numerous varieties of baskets available, and your final decision will be based on the size, type, and frequency of washing of your dog's toys, as well as the basket's capacity. The container should be one that can be often washed, especially if the toys are particularly dirty.

3. How can you tell if a basket is the best fit for your dog's toys?

Take into account the general size of your dog's toys. Will every toy fit within the container without spilling out the top? It is the right size if the toys fit without spilling out. Next, think about the subject. Because wicker baskets occasionally snag on soft toys, they are best used for hard or chewy toys.

4. How do you stop a dog from chewing on their toy basket if they want a toy?

Say no firmly to your dog when you catch them gnawing on the basket. Next, allow them to sit, get them to lift a paw, or ask them politely for a toy with a gentle bark. When they do this, let them select a toy by opening the toy basket.

Every time you notice them chewing on the basket, repeat this procedure. This will teach your dog to gently ask for a toy rather than try to get one by chewing through things.

5. How do you get your dog to use their toy basket?

Assist your dog in putting its toys in the basket. If you play fetch with them when they bring the toy back, praise them when they place it in the basket. Your dog will be encouraged to put the toy in the basket rather than on the floor if you do this.

6. What kind of material makes a good dog toy basket?

Since cleaning dog toys is necessary, your basket concept should also be simple to clean. It's a good idea to select a fabric that can be completely washed, like cotton or polyester. Make sure to choose a material that will both repel water and grime.

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