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10 Ingenious Ways to Accessorise Your Home With Woven Baskets

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10 Ingenious Ways to Accessorise Your Home With Woven Baskets

Check out these 10 inventive ways to employ woven baskets in your home decor if you're constantly searching for fresh and original ways to add lovely pieces to your interior design.

Because woven baskets are multipurpose, useful, and give a room character and warmth, they're a terrific choice for home décor. They can serve as functional pieces like bedside tables or coffee tables, as well as serving as ornamental embellishments and storage. Straw, wicker, and rattan are just a few of the materials that may be used to create woven baskets; each one offers a distinct texture and aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, woven baskets are frequently handmade, which gives your home's decor a unique and genuine touch. Due to their natural materials and frequent use of sustainable production techniques, weaved baskets are also frequently environmentally friendly. In general, woven baskets are a chic and environmentally friendly option for home décor that can infuse any area with character and use.

Continue reading to see ten original ideas to incorporate woven baskets into your interior design!

1. Get Arranged

A terrific way to maintain organisation and infuse your living area with some natural warmth and texture is to use woven baskets. Put blankets, pillows, and towels in your living room or bedroom to keep and arrange them. Alternatively, use them to organise home goods like laundry, toys, or shoes in a mudroom or foyer. Additionally, if you're green thumbed, consider growing little indoor plants in a woven basket!

2. Include Some Ornamental Details

In your home, woven baskets can also be used as wall decoration. For a different take on wall decor, hang a couple baskets from the wall. Use baskets as trays to store tiny ornamental objects like candles. Alternatively, use baskets as catch-alls for little objects that are prone to getting lost, like keys and sunglasses.

3. Add Some Cosiness to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom can have a little rustic appeal with woven baskets. To store books, a lamp, and other necessities for the bedroom, use them as nightstands or bedside tables. Alternately, store extra blankets or sheets beneath the bed. Additionally, if your bedroom and bathroom are connected, think about using a woven basket as a hamper for your dirty laundry.

4. Give the Kitchen a Touch of Organic Charm

There are numerous uses for woven baskets in the kitchen as well. Use them to hold and showcase culinary tools or as fruit baskets for fresh vegetables. They work well as bread baskets as well as for holding other baked items.

5. Use Your Imagination in the Living Room

Consider utilising a woven basket as a coffee table in the living area. In addition to serving as book and magazine storage and display, it will give the room some warmth and natural texture. Alternatively, use woven baskets as accent pieces in a living room with a bohemian theme.

6. Make Wall Art Out of Woven Baskets

A large woven basket can make a statement piece of wall art if you have a blank wall and aren't sure how to adorn it. In addition to being a distinctive and surprising decoration option, it will give the room some natural warmth and texture.

7. Add Woven Baskets to Your Tabletop Arrangements

You can incorporate woven baskets into the design of your tabletop as well. For a novel approach to holding and serving bread at the dinner table, use a tiny basket. Alternatively, you might use a bigger basket as a centrepiece and decorate it with flowers, candles, or other objects.

8. Incorporate Woven Baskets Into the Design of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can feel more natural and spa-like with woven baskets. Use a basket as a container for rolled-up towels or as a creative method to arrange and store your cosmetics.

9. Make Gift Baskets Out of Woven Baskets

Consider using a woven basket as a gift basket if you're at a loss for what to get someone. Fill it with trinkets, candles, and soaps, and the recipient will appreciate the thoughtfulness and originality of the present.

10. Incorporate Woven Baskets Into Your Exterior Design

Not only can you use woven baskets indoors, They can also be included in your outdoor design. For your patio or deck, use a basket as a planter for flowers or herbs. Alternatively, store and showcase outdoor blankets and pillows in a creative way by using a basket.


To sum up, woven baskets are a chic and adaptable accent to any interior design. There are countless inventive ways to incorporate these useful pieces into your house, from organising and storing things to giving a room texture and cosiness. Weaved baskets can make a statement in any space, whether they're used as side tables, hanging planters, or even unusual lighting fixtures. Thus, the next time you want to freshen up your space, think about adding some woven baskets and using your imagination to create a variety of purposes for them.

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