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How to Clean Wicker Baskets?

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Renowned for their flawless appearance, quality, and practicality, wicker baskets are a very popular storage option for fashionable houses.

But, if neglected for an extended length of time, these baskets, like any other piece of furniture or storage option, are prone to accumulating dust, grime, and other kinds of debris, which over time may damage both their aesthetic and even structural integrity.

We'll go through the most useful hints and techniques in this post to help you keep your wicker baskets looking beautiful and lasting. So, whether you've had your wicker baskets for a while or are just now incorporating them into your design, continue reading to find out how to maintain their finest appearance!

Basket with Wood Handles

How Frequently Should Your Wicker Baskets Be Cleaned?

It can be intimidating to clean a wicker basket for the first time, especially if you don't know how to do it. Nonetheless, you may successfully clean your wicker baskets without harming their delicate fibers if you use the proper methods and equipment. And we assure you that it's simple to clean your wicker baskets fully!

The purpose of the wicker basket will eventually determine how frequently you should clean it. For a basic guideline, see below.

1. For food storage

If you store food in wicker baskets, as in a pantry, make sure to clean the baskets every few weeks to make sure there are no food particles or dust inside.

2. For toy storage or general storage

Depending on how frequently the toys are used, clean the basket once every two months to maintain your random stuff or kids' toys in a hygienic atmosphere.

3. For adornment

Wicker baskets left undisturbed and used solely for aesthetic reasons will probably just gather dust, so all that has to be done to keep them in good condition is the occasional dusting and a complete cleaning every six months.

4. For storage in the bathroom

Because bathrooms are wet areas, wicker baskets in this context need to be handled with a bit more care. Your bathroom storage baskets should be cleaned once a month because this is an ideal environment for mold growth.

5. To store firewood

It goes without saying that keeping firewood near a fire feature can get a little untidy, particularly if you use it frequently! Moreover, it creates a favorable environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Thus, clean a wicker basket intended for storing firewood once a month.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Wicker Basket with a Hoover

1. Confirm that the basket is empty all the way. After cleaning, remove the liner (if there is one) and set the contents of the basket aside so they may be stored away again.

2. Shake out the basket to remove any stray dust or debris.

3. Attach the soft brush to your vacuum's hose.

4. If there isn't a soft brush attachment included, move on to our detailed instructions that don't require a vacuum. The hose could scratch your basket if you don't have this adapter.

5. After turning on your vacuum, carefully brush the wicker basket with your soft brush. Make sure to (at least attempt to) squeeze into the tiny spaces and nooks.

6. Switch off your vacuum and set it aside once you believe you have used it to the fullest extent possible. Next, get your soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

7. Completely soak and ring out the microfiber towel. Then, just give your wicker basket a thorough cleaning.

8. After you're satisfied, take a fresh towel and stuff it inside your wicker basket.

9. Finally, place your wicker basket in a cool, out-of-the-way area and allow it to naturally finish drying.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Wicker Basket with Soap and Water

Don't worry if your hoover doesn't have a soft brush attachment; you can still clean your basket completely without one. Check out how below.

1. In accordance with the preceding instructions, begin by taking out the contents of your basket, setting them aside, and shaking it vigorously to get rid of any loose dust or debris.

2. Then, submerge your microfiber cloth in a bowl of lukewarm water. Prior to cleaning your wicker basket, make sure you ring it out completely.

3. Next, start wiping off your wicker basket with your moist microfiber cloth. Cover as much of the basket as you can while doing this gently.

4. Take care not to press too firmly against the basket!

5. After that, put your microfiber cloth back in the water bowl and take out your little, unused paintbrush.

6. Use your paintbrush to softly clean the wicker basket, being sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Dip the brush into the bowl of water. Avoid attempting to complete this step with your microfiber towel because the paintbrush's soft bristles will help shield the wicker from any damage.

7. Next, place your paintbrush on one side and give your wicker basket a gentle once-over with your microfiber cloth to remove any residue that may have been left behind from the paintbrush. Don't forget to completely ring out your microfiber cloth before using it.

8. Finally, use a fresh, dry towel to gently cushion your wicker basket, then let it air dry in a room with good ventilation.

Woven Laudry Basket

How to Proceed if You Discover a Buildup of Mold in Wicker Baskets?

In the unlikely event that you find mold on your wicker basket, there are safe ways to get rid of it. The methods for getting rid of mold are as follows:

1. Work the solution into your toothbrush.

2. Using your toothbrush, apply the white vinegar and water solution to the moldy region of the basket. Rub it away gently until it comes loose.

3. After applying the formula, let it sit for a few minutes.

4. After that, submerge a corner of your microfiber cloth into a different bowl filled only with lukewarm water.

5. Wipe away the accumulated extra residue with the damp microfiber cloth and let the basket dry in a well-ventilated place.

How to Proceed if You Discover Stains in Wicker Baskets?

If it's just a smear, you should be able to get rid of any stains on your wicker basket using the methods mentioned above. If it's a little more difficult to remove, just mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid—preferably one without coloring—with a small amount of warm water in a bowl. After that, use a microfiber cloth to gently rub the stained area. Finally, let the natural drying process complete; this should be sufficient to eliminate any undesired imperfections or temporary discolorations from a natural wicker basket.

What to do if You Notice the Basket Is Damaged?

It's also simple to fix if you notice any indications of the wicker coming loose or the basket fraying.

The first thing to do if you see little splits or breaks in the wicker weave is to use a toothpick and wood glue. To repair the broken fibers, just dab a tiny bit of glue onto the toothpick's flat end and distribute it across the end.

After that, gently press the material back into place and hold it there for a brief while. If required, you can clamp the damaged portion in place until the glue cures using a binder clip or something similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the cleaning instructions outlined above apply to all types of wicker baskets?

Absolutely, regardless of size or style, you can properly clean any wicker basket by following the above instructions. Consequently, our guidelines will walk you through making sure that your storage solution stays in top shape, regardless of whether it's a large wicker hamper, a storage trunk, a laundry basket made of wicker, or a log basket covered in soot.

2. How can I prevent my wicker basket from becoming stained?

Essentially, your wicker basket should remain in perfect shape as long as you clean it on a regular basis. It's actually that easy!

Still, it's always preferable to avoid staining your wicker basket by taking preventative measures. For instance, since direct sunlight can degrade the color of the wicker, we would advise against drying your wicker basket in the sun. Additionally, we advise not setting your wicker baskets adjacent to meals and drinks like coffee and red wine that are prone to discoloring if they spill.

3. Is it possible to clean my wicker basket with bleach?

The chemicals in bleach are too strong for natural materials.

We are aware that it can be tempting to clean with bleach, particularly if you notice mold growth. If you were to do that, though, your wicker basket might suffer more harm than benefit! This is due to the fact that bleach dries out organic elements, weakening the basket's structure. This may indicate that the wicker basket will lose its durability and become more prone to breaking too soon.

Furthermore, using bleach to clean your wicker baskets will probably result in a blotchy, soiled, and discolored basket, which is obviously not the desired result.

4. Is it possible to clean my wicker basket with a pressure washer?

Not at all! A natural wicker basket is not meant to be cleaned with a pressure washer. The force of the water can cause the basket to tear or even rupture in some places.

Additionally, when using this kind of cleaning equipment, the pressure of the water flow may cause excess moisture to infiltrate into the hard-to-reach sections of the basket, where it will take a while for the area to dry out, which will provide the ideal conditions for the growth of new mold.

Because of this, natural wicker baskets should always be cleaned by hand, unless you use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

5. Is it possible to dry my wicker basket with my hair dryer?

Because the heat and force of the air might cause the wicker to become brittle and shatter, using a hair dryer to dry a wicker basket is not advised. Furthermore, in more severe situations, the wicker may scorch or even catch fire if the hair dryer is set on high heat or put too close to it.

It's always preferable to let the wicker basket air dry naturally in a place with good ventilation and shade from the sun. After using a fresh towel to gently remove any remaining moisture, you can let the basket dry. When it comes to maintaining the exquisite quality and durability of natural wicker baskets, this is far more successful.


At HNL, we provide an extensive selection of high-quality, fashionable, and long-lasting wicker baskets, many of which are made to precisely suit your needs. For that reason, we have the ideal solution for you, whether you need a new set for storage, organization, or décor.

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