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How Was Our Woven Basket Designed?

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Baskets, a common commodity in our daily lives, have a history almost as long as the origin of human civilization. Since ancient times, baskets have appeared in human life as a form of daily necessities. Nowadays, woven baskets not only play the role of storing supplies, but their decorative effects are also increasing repidly, highlighting and decorating our life. So, how is a basket designed? Let's talk about how a woven basket goes to the market from the manufacturer's perspective.

There are many types of woven baskets, classified by material, we have seagrass baskets, bamboo baskets, sisal baskets, and plastic baskets; If divided by purpose, we have storage baskets, gift packaging baskets, laundry baskets, pet baskets, etc. And if divided by shape, we have rectangle baskets, square baskets, round baskets, and oval baskets. If divided by selling season, we have easter baskets and XMAS baskets, etc.

plastic basket

There are so many baskets, what is our design philosophy? And how is a popular basket designed? Why we know that basket may have hot sale potential ? What we need to prepare before the basket designed? We usually ask ourselves a few questions first:

1.What is this basket used for?

2. Where is the perfect place for this basket?

3.How can we make our basket unique?

The First Thing to Consider When Design a Woven Baskets

When designing a woven basket, the first thing to consider is what it will be used for. Do we want the basket to be used as a storage container for fresh fruits and vegetables on table, to make the kitchen look more natural and environmentally friendly? Or will it look better if put a large-sized natural seagrass storage basket next to the sofa in the living room to make the house neat and stylish? In the outdoor garden, how abt this multifunctional woven crate? It can be used as a small tea table to enjoy a wonderful outdoor time if you need.

storage crate

Preparation Before Designing the Baskets

As a woven basket manufacturer, before designing each basket, our designers browse through a large amount of information to understand the fashion trends of the current season's home products and decorations, trying to understand the relevant fashion elements, and think about how to apply them to our brand new woven baskets. For example, when we learn that the trend of this season is a retro pastoral style, we will focus on using natural woven materials in the basket, such as seagrass, water hyacinth, bamboo, rattan, willow, and sisal etc. We will highlight the characteristics of natural materials when we think abt the pattern or shape, such as  seagrass storage baskets which have very beatiful twisting pattern, we will refer to the shape of classic style storage baskets and highlight the unique elegant and exquisite patterns of seagrass ropes. The water hyacinth basket, each piece of material is soft and broad, aims to highlight the rough and primitive nature of the water hyacinth material, so large size storage baskets or storage crate can better highlight the characteristics of water hyacinth. So, our designer team will design different shapes and sizes of hand woven baskets based on the characteristics of each material.

How Can Our Woven Baskets Enter the Market?

Will our basket immediately enter the market after the first sample is completed? Nope,not that hurry, our woven basket needs to be rehearsed in real situation to check if these verious baskets of different sizes and styles can meet the requirements of our design team. If you were in our factory, you would see a stituation like this: a rectangular bamboo storage basket to put in closet are looked more elegant , or is it more suitable to put clean dry towels in the bathroom? Is a creamy and beautiful plastic woven basket placed in the bathroom as a laundry basket? Or is it better to put it in the living room as a baby toy storage basket? How abt this blue iron bucket  match for the indoor decoration or is it more decorative when placed outdoors? Only through rigorous evaluation by our design team can a basket of samples move further towards our customers.

How Do Our Woven Baskets Stand Out ?

There are various baskets in the market, how do we stand out among numerous competitors? The answer is that details determine success or failure, and our basket has our uniqueness. This uniqueness comes from our sales team's over 30 years of deep cultivation in the international market and our understanding of raw materials and products. For example, when designing baskets for kitchen use, we tend to prefer fruit baskets or bread baskets suitable for tabletop placement, while when designing storage baskets for bathroom use, we consider the size and color of the matching furniture Where our basket may be placed and what are the built-in items.

5 Benefits of  Woven Baskets

1.Visual appeal

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, woven baskets give any area texture and coziness. You may select the ideal match for your decor from a variety of colors and designs that they come in. They can be included into an already-existing ornamental scheme or used as stand-alone items.

2.Adaptable storage

Toys, books, magazines, blankets, and other objects fit perfectly in woven baskets for storage. Moreover, they can be used in the kitchen to store fruit, vegetables, and other food products. Weaved baskets are adaptable enough to be utilized in any room of the house.


Because woven baskets are constructed from organic materials like rattan, bamboo, or grass, they are a green storage option. They have a low carbon footprint during production and are biodegradable. This indicates that they are a great option for anyone who care about the environment.


Woven baskets are renowned for their longevity, and they can endure for many years with the right maintenance. Their woven design makes them resistant to wear and tear, and they are sturdy enough to support big objects. This indicates that, over time, they provide an affordable storage option.

5.Simple to sustain

Woven baskets need little upkeep and are simple to maintain. Just give them a quick wipe down with a moist towel to clean them. With soap and water, they can be cleaned if they get soiled or discolored. They are a great option for humid situations because they are also resistant to mold and mildew.

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